Zayn Malik Imagine (Dirty)

Your getting ready to leave for a movie with Zayn. “Are you ready to go?” Zayn asks, walking through the bedroom door. “Almost.” you finish putting on your shoes. “Okay lets go.” You say smiling. You guys walk outside, holding hands. He opens his car door for you then gets into the drivers seat and starts driving off. When you get to the movie theatre, you get your tickets and popcorn. As soon you guys sit down in your seats, the movie starts. Zayn started running his hands up and down your thigh. You smile and continue watching the movie. A few minutes later, Zayn leaned in and started kissing your neck, sucking softly. He knew that always turned you on. You tried to hold in your moan. “Zayn!” you whisper. “Stop it.” He doesn’t listen. You get really turned on. He reaches his hands into your tight skirt and start to rub your clit. You cant take it anymore. You stand up, grab his wrist, and quickly walk out of the theatre. You pull up at your house, and walk through the front door. When he closes the door behind him, you shove him up against the wall. You start kissing him roughly and he starts to move down to your neck. You moan and start to take off your shirt. “No.” Zayn said quickly. “Let me.” Zayn was eager to be in control. He pulls off your shirt and then realize you weren’t in your bedroom. But he needed you and didn’t want to take the time to go upstairs. He pulls you to the nearest living room and throws you down on the couch. He starts to remove you skirt leaving you in only your bra and your thong. He removes his pants and throws them to the side. He quickly gets on top of you and starts sucking on your neck. He reaches behind your back and unclasps your bra. He starts sucking on your nipples and moves down to your thong. You can feel his hot breath on your thigh and you moan, just thinking about what hes going to do. He pulls off your thong and throws it next to the couch. You unexpectedly feel his tongue go inside you. You moan loudly. “Give me more.” you moan to him. He takes 2 fingers and pushes them in and out of you quickly. You take the sheets in your hands grasping them tightly. “Zayn I’m going to-” you couldn’t finish. You cum all over his fingers. He smiles and licks his fingers seductively. He goes back up to your lip and kisses you. You reach for the bottom of his shirt trying to take it off. He pulls away from your lips allowing you to remove his shirt. You throw it next to your clothing. He leans back in and starts kissing you again. He licks your bottom lip asking for access. You open your lips allowing him to explore the inside of your mouth. You then push him off the couch and stand up in front of him. “Your turn..” You pull down his boxers and take his bulging penis in your hand and start licking it. He moans. You smile and decide to stop teasing him. You take his dick and put as much of it in your mouth as you can and start sucking as hard as you could. He throws his head back and moans out of pleasure. You pull away just before he cums. You stand up and he pushes you back on the couch. He starts kissing you and enters you without warning. He thrust slowly trying not to hurt you. “Faster!” you say breaking the kiss, then quickly touching your lips back to his. He thrusts faster and harder. He moans into you mouth. You starts moaning being forced to break the kiss again. His thrusts become sloppy and you’ve almost reached your climax. “Zayn!” you moan. He cums inside of you making you also cum. He exits your body laying down beside you. Both of you sweaty and breathing heavily, Zayn manages to say “(Y/N), I.Love..You.” You smile “I love you.too, Zayn” you say still breathing deeply. He wraps his arms around you and you both fall asleep in each others arms.



The boys are at yours and Zayns house eating breakfast.

"Sooo..Did you have fun last night?" Louis asks with a smirk on his face.

You and Zayn exchanges looks. “What?” you say looking back at Louis.

Niall starts laughing hysterically. “We were next door at Liams house last night. Zayn must have been doing a pretty good job because we could hear you ALL night.”

Your face turns red and Zayn smiles, embarrassed.

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