Louis Tomlinson Imagine (Dirty)

You’re at dinner with your 2 friends. You havn’t seen them in a while since you and Louis have been spending so much time together. You hear your phone go off. “Who is it?” your friend asks you. “Oh. It just Louis.” you say as you choose to view it now. You read it silently to yourself.

Louis: “I’m going to fuck you so hard when you get home tonight.”

You bite your lip. You could already feel yourself getting wet. But you try to ignore it. You get another text from Louis.

Louis: “Just wait. I’m going to make you moan my name so loud.”

You couldn’t take it any longer. “I’m sorry..” you start to say. “I’m not feeling that well. I’ll call you guys tomorrow.” you pick up your purse and try to get home as fast as you could. You park your car in the driveway and rush inside.

"Louis?" you say. Throwing your purse to the ground and quickly walking upstairs trying to find him. You walk into the room and see him sitting on the bed. "Oh well you came home fast. I hope I didn’t have anything to do with it." he said with a smirk on his face as he pushes you against the wall. His lips crash to yours as his hands explore your whole body. You run your hands through his hair as he starts to unzip your strapless dress. As it falls to the floor, he continues to roughly kiss you. You start pulling at his shirt, asking him to remove it. Louis pulls away from the kiss and pulls his shirt over his head and throws it aside. As he begins to unclasp your bra, he walks you towards the bed. He starts to lay you down and kisses down your neck, occasionally sucking leaving love bites. You let out as moan as he moves down to your breasts, sucking on both of your nipples. He moves down to your underwear, removing them. He lets out a small laugh. "Who made you so wet, (Y/N)?" He then starts rubbing your inner thigh in a circular motion. Without warning, you feel his warm tongue enter you, filling your whole body with a pleasurable sensation. "Louuissss.." you moan. You can feel him smile. You cum, and he licks up every ounce of wetness then goes up to your jawline, sucking softly. At this point, you are wanting him so bad. "Louis. Please fuck me." you say, almost whining. He giggles and looks into your eyes. "Are you ready, (Y/N)?" you nod quickly. He then shoves his whole length into you, not allowing you to get used to his size. You let out a loud moan and he puts his lips to yours. You break the kiss. "Faster, Louis!" then you join your lips to his. He thrusts faster and harder as he starts to grasp onto your hair. You both start to moan loudly causing you to break the kiss. You wrapped your legs around his waist, helping him so he could go deeper into you. You could feel him going deeper and deeper to where it almost felt like he was in your stomach. You were soon getting close to the edge. "L-Louis! Im so c-close!" "Just hold it!" he demanded. You did as you were told, trying your best to hold it. His thrusts became sloppy. He was giving it all he got until you felt his warm fluids fill your insides. You then cum as you both ride out your orgasms together. He then exits your body and falls down on the bed next to you. You are both taking deep breaths. As you lay there, he tangles his fingers in your hair. (Y/N)?" Louis says, starting to breath normally again. "Yes?" you say. "Are you ready for round 2?"

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