Liam Payne Imagine for AmyFrilly (Dirty)

"Wheres Liam?" you ask the boys as you walk through the front door. "Oh he’s inside the kitchen." Niall answered, still looking at the T.V. You walked into the kitchen to find Liam holding two cups. One with dry cereal and one with milk. "Liam. What are you doing?" You giggle walking over to him. "Well, I’m trying to eat cereal…" you wrap your arms around his neck while he sets the cups down and puts his arms around your waist, kissing you passionately. The kiss began to get heated. You could feel his arms traveling your whole body. He started kissing your jawline moving down to your neck. You let out a quiet moan that echoed through the kitchen. You suddenly realized where you were and pulled away from Liams arms. "Lets go to the bedroom." you say, trying to be as seductive as possible. A smile spreads across Liams face as you grab his hand and walk out of the kitchen. You slowly made your way up the stairs, knowing every minute you waste was making Liam more eager. Liam locked the door behind you when you finally made it to the room. He turns and faces you. Wasting no time, he walked over to you and kissed you roughly. You reach down at the top of his pants, signaling that you wanted him to remove them. He pulled away from the kiss only to take of his shirt, pants and boxers. He cupped your face with his hands and began to kiss you again. He licked you bottom lip, asking for access which you quickly accepted. He then started feeling around your hips, trying to find the hem of your shorts without breaking the kiss. When he was able to get a grip to the shorts, he pulled from the kiss and removed them while you removed your shirt, leaving you in your bra and underwear. Liam started kissing your neck, slowly pushing you towards the bed. When your calves touched the frame of the bed, you fell back onto the mattress, Liam gracefully falling on top of you. You felt his hands reach behind for back, trying to unclasp your bra. He pulled away from the kiss, looking behind your back wondering why he couldn’t find the clips. "Liam.." he looked up at you, still having the confused look on his face. You showed him how your bra was clipped in the front and a smile spread across his face. He removed your bra throwing it aside. He started sucking on your nipples, making you moan softly. He then moved his way down to your underwear, removing them slowly; playing the same game you had played when you were walking up the stairs. "Liaamm!" you whined, making him giggle. He pulled them off and laughed at how wet you were. Suddenly, you felt his warm tounge enter you sending shivers up your whole body. You let out a loud moan, although you were trying to keep as quiet at possible since the boys were still there. You could feel Liam smile. He started using his fingers to massage your clit, which made you moan even louder. You started to cum on Liams fingers. You watched him as he licked his fingers clean. "You taste so good (Y/N)." he made his way back up to your neck, leaving lovebites. You started pushing on his stomach, making him sit up. You got off the bed and got on your knees then looked back at him, still just sitting on the bed, a bit confused. "Well come here!" you say, grinning. He got off of the bed and stood in front of you. You started stroking his hard dick, licking the tip. "(Y/N)! Now don’t tease." He tangled his fingers in your hair and pushed your head so 3/4ths of his penis was in your mouth. You started sucking as hard as you could. You heard Liam moan, still playing with your hair. (Y-Y/N)..Im going to-" before he had the chance to finish, he cummed in your mouth. You quickly swallowed it as you rose to your feet. He yet again pushed you to the bed so he was on top of you again. He started kissing down your stomach and then looked up at you. "Are you ready?" You nod, already out of breath. You then feel him enter you slowly, allowing you to get used to his size. You closed your eyes as it started to become more and more pleasurable. "F-faster Liam." you manage to say. He starts going faster and harder. You wrapped your legs around his waist, helping him go even deeper than he already was. You gripped onto his back, needing to hold on to something. Liams thrusts became sloppy. You could tell that you both were close to the edge. "Liam, Im going to cum." you say, breathing heavily. "Me too baby." You then feel his warm liquids enter you, making you cum. You both ride out your orgasms together. Liams limp body falls beside you.

"I love you, (Y/N)." Liam manages to say. You look at him and smiled. "I love you too, Liam." You press yourself against his sweaty body and fall asleep.

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