Niall Horan Imagine (Dirty)

It’s been such a long day at work. You couldn’t wait to go home and see the boys. You’ve been friends with the boys since you met them on The X-Factor. And tonight, you were all going to watch a movie together.

As you finally walked through the front door to Harry’s house, you saw Zayn picking up his coat off of the staircase railing and walking towards the door. “Where are you going?” you asked shutting the door behind you. “Liam, Louis and I were asked to go to the studio. Apparently they thought our parts needed to be re-done.” he said looking back to see if Louis and Liam were following him. “Oh okay. So is it just going to be me, Harry, and Niall?” you asked walking towards the couch, plopping down next to Niall taking some of his chips. “Nope.” Harry added. “I’m going to go help my mum pack up everything. So it’s only going to be you and Niall, love.” he said, standing up off the couch and also walking towards the door. Harrys mum was planning on moving to London and Harry was trying to get her packed up as soon as possible, excited that he would be able to see her more often. ”Okay. That’s fine.” you said, smiling at Niall. You’ve always had a little crush on Niall..but never once thought he was interested since you weren’t really his type.

Once Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry left, you went over to where they kept the movies and started looking through them. “What do you want to watch?” you asked Niall, still looking at all of the movies. “Mmm..I don’t care.” He replied. “Fine then. I’ll pick.” you said playfully. He smiled, taking a blanket that was left on the floor and covering himself with it. You picked a random movie and put it in the DVD player then headed towards the couch to sit down again. You looked over at him. He was focused on the T.V. screen. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. You felt like you were trying to pull away before he caught you staring at him but you just couldn’t look away. His hair was messy from him running his hands through it. All you could think about was him on top of you kissing your neck while entering your body. Hearing him moan your name. “(Y/N)?” You were pulled from your thoughts. “W-what?” you looked over at him. He was grinning. “Are you okay?” he asked, as he started to giggle. “Yeah..Why?” you asked him..confused. “Because, you were staring at me and whimpering.” You could feel your face turning red. What if he knew exactly what you were thinking? “Oh..um..I was just…thinking about how Im really thirsty.” you said, trying not to make it obvious you were lying. “Oh do you want water? Soda?” he said standing up. “Water please.” you said, hoping he fell for it. He came back a minute later with 2 water bottles in his hand. He handed you one and then sat down.

As you were watching the movie, you could feel him glancing over at you. You weren’t sure if it was because he was trying to see if you were looking at him or if it was because he wanted exactly what you wanted. You started to want him more and more. You couldn’t help yourself. You just threw up words without even thinking. “NIALL! Please just fuck me already!!” You covered my mouth, in shock. You couldn’t believe you just said that. You were looking over at him, trying to see how he reacted. He looked just as surprised. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say tha-“ You were cut off by his lips pressing to yours. His lips moved down to your jaw then further down to your neck. You let out a sigh. He stood up, grabbing your hand and leading you up to the nearest bedroom. He started removing your shirt. You began to unbuckle your belt and took off your shorts, throwing them to the side of the room. Niall resumed to kissing your neck, slowly making his way down to your chest. He reached behind your back, trying to find the hook of your bra. “Wait wait wait.” You said stopping him from what he was doing. “What is it?” he asked, looking concerned. “It’s just, I’ve been wanting you for a long long time..But the thing is…I’ve never had sex before.” You said, feeling really embarrassed. “Wait, you’re a virgin?” he asked. “..Yeah.” You answered, hesitantly. He started to smile. Then finally he couldn’t help himself. He burst out laughing. You slapped his shoulder. “Why are you laughing?!” You asked, looking surprised that he would laugh at something like that considering he had just had sex for the first time not too long ago. “It’s just, I wasn’t expecting you to be a virgin.” he said, getting himself under control. “Well why would you think I wasn’t?” You asked. “Because of the way you just yelled at me saying you wanted me to fuck you!” He started chuckling again. “Well so-rry. Sometimes I blurt out things I don’t mean.” You said, folding your arms. “Oh so you don’t want me to fuck yo-” “Wait!..Well..I mean..” You said, realizing how desperate you sounded. He started to laugh again. “So you do?” He asked, getting closer to you, not taking his eyes off of you, waiting for you to say stop. When you didn’t say anything, he unhooked your bra and threw it on the floor. He pushed your shoulders gently, making you lay down on the bed and his body on top of yours. He started licking your breasts, sucking on each nipple. You let out a soft moan. You started to feel really exposed. You looked at him, pushing him off of you so you were both sitting up again. “What’s wrong?” he asked. You reached for his shirt. He realized what you wanted and started to take it off while you unbuckled his belt. He stood up off of the couch and removed his pants, kicking them off of his feet only leaving him in his boxers. He got back on top of you, going back to what he was doing. ”Wuh wuh wait.” You said looking at his boxers as if you wanted those off too. He got back up smiling and letting out a chuckle. He took off his boxers and then got back on top of you, trailing kisses down your stomach until he reached your inner thighs. He kissed them gently then looked up at you to make sure you were okay with what he was about to do. When you didn’t do anything, he started to lick your slit. He then sucked on your clit, making you moan out his name. You could feel him smile at how much pleasure you were getting out of this. You started getting really sensitive after he was doing this for a while. “Niall, stop really fast.” He stopped, looking up at you. “Is everything okay?” He asked. “Yeah, I just need to stop for a minute.” He layed down next to you. Once you let yourself wind down, you rolled over on top of him an started kissing his neck. His skin felt soft against your lips. You couldn’t believe you were doing this with Niall. But something about it felt absolutely amazing. You started grinding against him. Niall flipped you over and started removing your underwear. He got on top of you getting ready to enter your body. “Are you ready, (Y/N)?” At this point you were feeling really nervous..you knew that if you decided you didn’t want this anymore, he would stop. But looking at his beautiful blue eyes, waiting for an answer, you knew you wanted this. You nodded. “Okay, love. This might hurt.” he said, looking just as nervous as you were. He slowly entered your body. Pain immediately filled you. You squeezed your eyes shut, biting your lip so you wouldn’t scream. He started to push into you further and faster. You could feel tears forming in your eyes. You couldn’t help yourself. You let out a scream. Niall suddenly stopped thrusting. “Oh god. Are you okay?” He pulled out of you. “We can stop.. I’m so sorr-” “No. Niall, I want this. Please just continue.” you said, pulling him back down to the missionary position. “But-” you cut him off again. ”Niall, please.” you said, almost whining. He had a worried look on his face but inserted into you again. He was thrusting slowly. You could feel him getting faster and deeper. The pain was still intense but something about it also sent pleasure running up your whole body. “Faster, Niall.” he started thrusting faster, making you moan. You both started getting really into it. You started digging your nails in his back from the pain and pleasure that he was putting you through. “Urrruuhhhhh (Yyy-Nnn)” Niall moaned into your ear. Hearing him being so vocal was sending you over the edge. “Nialluhh!” you were trying to say but was taken over by a moan. “Hmm?” he answered, still thrusting fast inside you. “I-I think I’m going to cum!” He smiled. “Go ahead, love. I’m ready.” You both started to ride out your orgasms together. He pulled out of you and layed down next to you. You felt empty without him inside you. After resting for a while, you both got up and started getting dressed. You didn’t feel so uncomfortable getting dressed in front of him anymore. You both went downstairs and sat on the couch, restarting the movie you had put in earlier. Suddenly Zayn, Liam, and Louis walked in the door. “Hey guys.” Zayn said, putting his coat down. “Did we miss anything?” Louis asked, flopping down on the couch next to you. “Nope.” Niall said. “Nothing at all.”

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